Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whisper to my ear and say how much I meant to you.

Can you believe it's Wednesday already?!
It's like wtf? It's gonna be half of the year , soon.
I still can't believe I'm actually in form 4 now.
It's like , I just finished PMR ytd or something.
Gosh, it feels real weird for me right now .
In other words , I think I'm scare to grow up.

There are some friends of mine have been complaining
that college is not as fun as we think other than
having alot of freedom. Most of them want to go
back to highschool so badly and asked me to appreciate highschool.
I like highschool, it's just that those subjects is killing me.

I am really lazy to study
and, I don't wanna fail my tests .
Someone please help me out.
Force me to study, please TT

And be proud of me ,
I have plenty of pictures today I guess.
I brought my camera to school
and try to take as many pictures as I can ,already.

My introduction sucks , like seriously.

I do introductions because people say I don't type long post -.-

OMFG, shaddap carmen .
let's start

Tuesday , April 6

Yesh I know I very cute -.-'
Okay la fine la fine la ,
I shoooo cute la .

Okay ignore me, I'm crazy .

So before anything ,

Happy Birthday , Son Yuhung .
(p.s damn cute lor this picture!)


Happy Birthday , son Bryan.
(p.s I reformatted my comp not long ago and I couldn't find any pic of his -.-)

In the bus (:

So tuesday morning was great , I guess.
I still remember I heard the bird chirping
and I asked the bird to shut up.
My whole family thinks I'm weird.
And, I swear it's so darn bloody annoying.
Pissed me off like mad.

Started off with English.
Mr Nathan -.-

And then I forget, sorry sorry.

Forced people who went to the toilet
to camwhore with me =p

Donniena (:

Like .

SeeTiem shooooooo cute!

SS -.-

Have alots of fun in class with ze classmates.
I kinda like 4D already.

And seriously,
don't judge the book by it's cover .

Let's just skip all these boring part
and get to the pictures.

Soooo ,
they had a small celebration for Yuhung&Bryan during lunch.

Lazy type.
Pictures do the talking.

Preparing Preparing.

I like this picture.

The candles weren't suppose to be like this , at the first place.

looks like father and son, agree agree?

aw (:

There are more in facebook.
I'm too lazy to upload all .
Okay la, not lazy.

I just don't want my post to be dragged till so long.

Lessons went on as usual.

Followed KahMing back home after that.
Since I've made up my mind to take the tuition.
Was supposed to follow Eugene to cut hair
but I changed my mind .

Hang out in KahMing's room with his chio guitars.
He have this super nice white one .
Seriously rockstar . =D


KahMing , after shower .

I forget who was trying to pull his towel off and seriously, he was only wearing underwear.LMAO,can die.

Birthday boy.

Had tuition and ended around 7pm.
KahMing let me try this drink and yes, it taste awesome.


I end up went home around 8pm.
I was so tired , omg
but I finished up my homework.
OKAY, before everyone zha me.
I should say : finish copying my friend's work xD

Today , April 7

Cross Country Trials today.
The sun was evil like seriously.
Gave up half way and wanted to go for the van
but no space so have no choice to walk.

Mr Tan is shoo cute and nice .
I keep asking him where is his car
and he said , it's very near already.
End up, it's at the bloody far school.
Kena con already .

Went up the van, get back to school.
Go to the toilet and puke like mad.
I vomitted water then stomach ache.
Life's damn sad, I know.

Sat under the fun with classmates till the bell rings.

Was really tired the whole day.

Highschool is full of dramas.

I got to go now.


p.s Please be near around me because I can sense that you're leaving.