Monday, September 12, 2016

Contemporary Art Museum Visits.


I am actually shy to admit this - but lately, I'm drawn into art. Specifically, paintings. I guess, painting is the most basic and easiest one for me to understand because I just need to see it. However, in different era, there are different movements which made all the paintings different. I actually spend quite sometime looking at them by researching them online and finally took the first step - which is to visit galleries and art museums. And, I would try to fit 'visiting art gallery/museum' in my itinerary when I am travelling.

It's funny how I think that visiting places or looking at things like this are boring. I used to think that they are so many things I can do which is probably more fun than to just stand at one spot, looking at a drawing which I could never comprehend. 
This perspective changed when I grew comfortable with myself. Being alone most of time made me enjoy my own presence. I do feel alone but I try to embrace it and appreciate that time. Now, I could finally understand the beauty of silence. I like the peace I feel when I am in an art gallery where I could just stare at the paintings - alone. This is something that I will never thought I could enjoy. 

I've too many pictures of the my visits to different museum. So, I'll only mention about my visit to contemporary art museum. Contemporary art is no foreign to us since, it's happening at the present time. 

Museu Berardo


Museum Berardo is the first art museum I've visited. ( lol, this museum took my art museum virginity away) It's located at Lisbon, Portugal where it also offers the collection of modern art. 


This is favourite piece of work from Andy Warhol. 

Instead of speaking stories of their own emotions, I think contemporary art is more about the skills and talent an artist is conveying or showing how they truly are. I know that Warhol's Campbell Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe prints are more appreciated than this. Personally, I'd prefer ten foot- flowers especially in this colour tone. 


I visited this museum, witnessing this favourite piece of Warhol's work on my birthday which makes it more special than ever. 

Growing up in Malaysia, I never thought that I could ever see genuine work of an artist. Despite having one gallery or two at my home country, most of them are actually replicas. As dramatic as it sounded like, I was pretty blessed to have this chance. 


Campbell Soup Cans. 


Warhol's work in a shot. 



by Lucio Fontana. 


Lit Windows by Patrick Caufield.


Oedipus and the Sphinx after Ingres by Francis Bacon

At the first glance, I thought ti was Picasso's work until I read the description. I think this self-taught artist is really strongly influenced by Picasso. This is probably one of his great works where he showed that Oedipus is an injured athlete showing his wounds to Sphinx showing the origin of tragedy. 


Bellatrix II by Victor Vasareley 



Lucky Seven by Joan Mitchell

Different artist has different technique and unique way of painting. The colour composition was not in sync for me as I prefer to put dark colours with dark and light colours with lighter ones. Or, I'd love it to be a huge contradiction. In darker tone of abstract paintings, Mark Rothko's would be my favourite. While the other, it would definitely be Gerhard Richter. 




Science fiction area which I have yet to understand. I think it's too deep for me. I've not done enough reading and research to understand videos art. Currently, I'm still reading about different eras and movements of it and trying to figure out which is my favourite. 


The Berardo Collection is massive. I could say that they have keep the major paintings from different artist. I am so glad that I insisted of visiting this museum despite being located far away from the city during my vacation. I spent around 3 hours here to completely walked through the hallways. I love how organize the museum is - arranging each section from the oldest to the current collection they have. 

Tate Modern


One thing I love about London is that we do not need to pay admission fee to visit museums. However they do charge a small fee for exhibitions.

For contemporary art, I guess Tate Modern is one of the most well-known museum. I think it is a must visit for contemporary art lovers.  


Tree by AiWeiWei

You will be greeted by this massive sculpture by Aiweiwei which holds a deep meaning. This tree represents China's economy where the branches resembles the symbols of relationship between an individual with the society.  This tree looks more real than ever. I was taken aback when I read that it's not a living tree on the description. Well, I think this artist always does his job well by confusing and surprising us. 


Twenty Questions by Lorna Simpson.


Strip by Gerhard Richter.

This is one of the digital work from him which gave me a massive headache after staring at it for a while. 




Water Lilies after 1916 by Claude Monet

Monet has always been one of my favourite Impressionist painters whom was influenced by VanGogh. This painting didn't belong to tate modern since it was borrowed from the national gallery. I was pretty upset that I didn't see this piece when I visited national gallery hence, I was really surprised to see it in tate modern. 

I can't wait to share about my other experience with museum which displays different eras of paintings. 


The main reason of me visiting Tate Modern is to visit Gerhard Richter's room. I am so upset that I wasn't able to take picture of Mark Rothko's room since it was dark and I wouldn't want to on my flash. I've only recorded a video of Mark Rothko's room as a memory. I am pretty glad that Richter's room always gives out a vibrant feel to me. 

Being able to look at the Cages painting made me really happy. 

His works are often layers of paint. I love how the upper layers are dragged across the canvas creating different textures to the work. The strokes and scrapings are always evident at the corner. I love how he didn't try to maintain and arrange the abstract work like how he did in Stripe which I showed above. Well, these 6 pieces of Cages painting are named after John Cage because the painter was listening to him when he was working on it. 




I gotta take a picture like this. 

And believe me or not, I spent more than 30 minutes in this room itself. 


This would be my favourite piece. 


My friends being patient. 

Love this picture of them with two of the massive abstract work as background.



Ishi's Light by Anish Kapoor


Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol.

Acrylic on canvas. 

Loving how he contrasted vivid colours with monochrome/ black and white colour. 




Atlantic Civilization by Andre Fougeron

Reality in a picture and it's heartbreaking. 



The Music from Balconies by Edward Ruscha.



To be honest, I never thought that I'll ever do a blogpost regarding to this because I've always mentioned that looking at something immobile is boring. I will now have to admit that I'm eating my words up. I guess the only thing that was immobile is my feelings and emotions. Just because something is moving, it doesn't mean that it could truly resembles your thoughts or show what you want in reality. Sometimes, you just gotta think out of the box and let things that are concreted and stationary to move your stoned heart. I guess I found the comfort and something to fill into the gaps of loneliness which was slowly enveloping me at one moment. 

Well, I still couldn't fully comprehend how enthusiastic and restless I feel about this. I am so sad that I've pick this up too late. 
Oh well, there is me sitting there at the last picture showing my reluctance to leave Richter's room.