Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Art Jamming.

I've always wanted to paint but I didn't have that opportunity to do so in the UK. I am so glad that there are a few art jamming places in KL which I could go to. There are a few on the list and my friends and I settled down at Lorem Ipsum for our art jamming session which is located at Bangsar. 

To be frank, I was pretty excited for this. The last time I painted , I was in highschool - being forced to paint things that I don't want to. I am not very good at this eventhough I was forced to pick up art classes when I was very young which I've never told anyone because I just don't have the art in me. 
Well, gotta credit that the boredom of living alone exposes me to this again. 

I've only used Buncho watercolours ( which is super lame) . This is the ever first time I am using acrylic on canvas. I still remember the days where I paint too many layers on my art block that it tears wtf. 

Starting off with the base colour of black and twirls of purple , blue and finally orange. I just wanted it to have layers and do not want it to be too dull. 

White branches and ombre blue ocean. 

touching up. 

And the final outcome. 

I used Andy Warhol's 'Ten Foot Flowers' as reference , making a twist of it.

The black background represented darkness. The twirl of subtle purple, blue and orange showing the way towards the ombre blue ocean - showing the way gets more obvious with the change of colours from purple to orange. The white branches showing the growth and the pink-purple flowers blossoms. 
The ombre blue ocean representing the waves of the sea. There will always be low and high tide. Just like life, there will be low point of life and a high point which we shouldn't take it for granted. 

It meant that, 
Flowers will blossom in the dark - just like how things will eventually turn out fine despite being clouded with nightmares and helplessness.

Not trying to be artsy, I actually thought of that while painting. 

Well, I look like I'm pretty proud of my painting but actually I think that it's not good.

However, this is my first time and I enjoyed the process. 

While waiting for it to dry, my friends and I decided to have a break .


I swear that this simple grilled cheese sandwich was good. 

And finally,

Our paintings
 .... and us?

It was a great day where we indulge ourselves in silence, doing our own thing while still spending time with each other. I actually enjoyed it alot. We merely talk during the process because we were focusing on painting. But, it still felt nice. 

I guess this is something I will do again very soon. I've even thought of going to this alone - but probably try another venue. 

I paid RM120 for three hours of this where they provide us the materials ( yes, we are allowed to take our masterpiece home) with a cup of tea and coffee. However, if you couldn't complete it in three hours, RM60 will be charged for the next three hours. 

I will highly recommend you to try this because it was so therapeutic to me - more over, the playlist was pretty on point that day.


ps. Wow, I have been too enthusiastic when it comes to art.