Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Party like a rockstar!

It've been long , no?

I swear Raqul Reed , college and all those hang out sessions with different people occupied my time completely. Do you know that there's only a month left to my trials and I'm still going everywhere. It's not actually a benefit to get license but oh well, it's beneficial in many more ways.

I guess , 
that's how it feels like growing up.

The smell of freedom never been odd to me since I'm in high school but seriously, I guess I should get lock up somehow. It's getting overboard and trust me, for the past months on weekends - I've never been home. And suddenly,I realized I miss home so much. Trust me, nothin is better than home.

there are some pictures I've transferred from my camera.

The other friday at Vertigo for Xuelin's eighteen. 

Another legal babe! :p

I hate how my cameras takes blur pictures !


Totally love how my hair turns out but as you can see, it's fizzy.


Awesome dress from bangkok! 

Childhood neighbor!


that claimed, he looks like TOP wtf hahaha. he's so cute!

And some other pictures ,

love this.

love this, although my eyes is retarded.

And you know what,
I have more obscene pictures and I wanna slap myself.

Alcohol always beats me flat and take control of what I wanted to do.

Ish ,

Oh well,
I updated , no?


ps too ugly to camwhore these days.