Thursday, January 5, 2012

My best friend.

I've bet you have already expected this post and maybe you have been waiting for it for long. This sucks so bad , I know that you can read my mind without me saying anything. I know that you can even tell whether I am lying without any clue from me.

Infact , I think it's really irony.

So bitch,
it have been 5 years already.

No wait,
it's already 2012 so it's suppose to be 6 years.

I don't know how to put how I actually feel in words. 

But what I know that I hate the fact that you are leaving.. Tomorrow.

I know that our friendship bond is very strong. We can not talk to each other for a month or two and yet, we could still know when we feel down or depressed. But don't you think that UK is a little bit too far? We don't only have to cope with distance , we have to deal with our time difference and even the people we have met. I am never insecure, infact you should know that I'm always insecure in things.

You know you can read my mind.

I don't want to repeat how much you mean to me because I have done that for the past 5 years. Repeating it doesn't going to change anything. I believe that words couldn't describe how close we are. And now, I'm trying to believe that distance isn't going to drift us apart.

I'm really sad, though .

I think you could sense it.

Thank you, ZhiWei.

It've been long since I called your name , just your name. 

Thanks for being there, every single time. Yes, it's every single time.

It feels really good that when I just feeling like breaking down, I receive a text from you to ask whether what happened. 

Thanks for wiping my tears away when I'm crying. Thanks for coming right away when you know that I'm admitted to the hospital. Thanks for bringing out some senses from me when I go crazy. Thanks for yelling, shouting, hitting or even punching me when I'm not right. Thanks for being so straight forward all the time. 
Thanks for fighting for me, when you know that I'm wrong.

You see,
it's always you doing something for me and yet, I can't even make you stop worrying.

I suck a whole lot.

I love you, best friend.

I love you alot. I don't know how am I going to cope when you're not around for the next 6 months. 6 months is already very short but really, it still sound really long to me. 

I don't want to be replaced ): 

And I swear,
you will never be replaced. 
As in, NEVER.

But things isn't going to get back now, we have to move on.

Have a safe flight tomorrow, love.

I really love you, best friend.

I really do.

an useless friend.