Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm here to do a late post about my trip to genting during NYE.

I celebrated NYE and New Year's in genting itself. It's a 3d2n trip but it's like just only a day to me. We should have stayed 4d3n instead. Idk why but time flies when you're with your friends, don't you think so. I'm just going to roughly do a post. 

Oh well,
more to pictures though. I'm too lazy to elaborate.

During NYE ,
I woke up at freaking 6am.

My grandpa told me it's already 645am so I rushed into the toilet but when I checked my phone in the toilet , it's only 6am .

Don't ask why but I bring my phone into the toilet to listen to songs , to make sure that I don't shower forever. Hot shower in the morning is really good. And I stayed in the shower for 45 minutes.

Got ready and Mingli came over to my place.

Left the house to ou around 730am or so and meet up with everyone else there.

Had a light breakfast and off we go.

Surprisingly, it only takes 45 minutes to the cable car station. 

I thought that the crowd would be crazy but it was just fine. Oh well, it's good being an early bird! (:

In the cable car,

And we went to starbucks and chilled for a while .

actually it was two hours and then to Coffee Terrace for buffet lunch. yums!

And the others joined us , as well.

Went to the counter to place our luggage and to bowling.

And everyone starts to take pictures there while waiting for our lane.






after bowling, back to room and get some rest.

Went down and watched a horror movie from Singapore.


Oh god, it was terrible. I squinted my eyes all the way through the show. I got scared by a friend and really, I actually felt like dying. Horror movie is really not my thing but in a way, it's fun looking at everybody covering their face with fear.

Guess what?
We actually spend the night in the room -.-

Oh well,
as long as we are together.

Yes, the 16 of us LOL.

Had a hell of a night.

Woke up with a headache.

God knows what we did last night.

I had a minor stomach ache in the morning , I had a really good laugh. You will never want to see how Kevan drop those KFC chickens on the floor. It was really epic and we even rolled on the bed laughing.
why are we so funny, lol!

Have pizzahut for breakfast.

Was suppose to go for outdoor but then, the weather was bad so everything's off. We separated. Some of us went for bowling and the other half went to arcade and let their money flow. I always think arcade is a waste of money but when you get addicted, who cares about money la right, lol!

And I don't remember what we did already.

I only remember the scene where we go back to the hotel room and stuff.

Me and weichanx4 was sitting like a boss at the couch, eating pistachios and talking about life. Then , they have fireworks and it was really pretty.

I think I'm weird.

I like stuff with lights. I am always amazed with lights. God, I'm weird.

Had dinner and we went to the slope down and sat there. The night view is really really beautiful. I want to look at it everynight!

von :0

The girls!


I don't know what's wrong with us.

But all of us went slightly emotional after that,
start to confess and hug each other after that.

I like how the scene is.

So loving.

so cuteeeee, mg (:

heart to heart talk?

Not joking,
it was terribly cold!

As in cold ):

look at muh pig face!

And the night was great, I suppose.

Woke up with a major headache. Hung over like crazy.

Back to pyramid around 4pm and hang out.

Home at 9pm.

It's one of the best trip ever. Infact, it was so fairytale-like all the way. Thank you so much (: