Monday, January 30, 2012

In another life, I would be your girl.

Got back to college after a week of CNY break , with undone homework. I rushed till 3am in the morning and still, I couldn't finish it. I can't do maths at all. I am never good in counting, I desperately need a tutor soon. Imma grab somebody good and force them to teach me ):

Oh well,
The second day of CNY was really normal.

Woke up around 12pm and headed to the temple at Sungai Way. Yes, Sungai Way. I was wearing a dress but it's above my knee length so I just have to wear a long jeans under it. 
Fashion Police ):

But, I couldn't do anything. It's a temple so I'll just have to follow the rules.

 Coolest Aunty ever.

Ate vegetarian food over there and it tasted great. I don't know why those vegetarian store sells disgusting food. I'd always prefer the one in the temple. 
K, I'm weird.

After that, 
family and I went over to the Curve.

We always go to the curve because it's connected to everywhere. 

Shimono crepes! yum.

I believe that every girl would love it.

I personally like Strawberry crepe with strawberry flavored ice-cream. I really do have a thing for strawberries or maybe, I really like pink that much.

Guess what?

I spent 4 hours shopping for college clothes. You just have no idea how good my mood was. I totally love going out with the family. The feeling of me not worrying over the price and everything. I should really hang out with my family more often. I have spend too much with my friends though.

Around 6pm,
we headed to Klang for seafood.

The view was really pretty (:

Look at the sky!

And the pink ferry , hehe (:

I just have the urge to take some food pictures.

These seafood taufu pot was extremely yummy. The sauce was really good to go with the rice. 

Chilli crab or whatever it's called?

I don't really like the crab to be cook this way. I only like the sauce though. It taste like heaven when it goes with the fried bun/mantau. I believe that everyone of you do eat it this way before right.

I'd prefer crab to be cook by steaming it.

Yes, like this.

Look at the egg.


wtf, so nice pls. 

I'm craving for it again :/

After dinner,
we went over to JenJarom to some temple. I know how to pronounce it in chinese but definitely not in english. I couldn't see their english names anywhere at the board. 

I really like lights, if you get what I mean.

I really like things like colourful lights, stars and moon. I don't know why but I just have a thing for it. I still want to go to i-city , although I have been hearing how bad it is and how boring it is. I still want to go there and take a look at those beautiful lights on the trees. I wanna stare at it forever TT

Everytime the plan fails , whenever I want to go there because nobody bothers to bring me and it's so saddening. Oh well, I'll wait for next time.


And more pictures.

Too many solo shots (:

Look at the background, it's so pretty. 

It's okay to ignore my face, I look like crap anyways ):

And guess what,
We went for...

lok lok!

that sums up my day two on CNY.

Day three was so disastrous that I don't even want to mention about it.