Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Miss Ellie Tea House

This tea house deserves a post right on my space. 
Not to mention, I traveled 45 minutes to this place. 

I think visiting a cafe is such a luxury now. Besides having no time , it is really hard to find someone since everyone is busy with work. 

Miss Ellie Tea House ,
should not be foreign to anyone especially to those who are into cafes. This place is not a cafe , and also not a bakery. I could not find the correct term for this place. They serve food and cakes. They are really different from those hipster places you guys will ever come across. 

It is located in a row of shop lots in the middle of the housing area ; and it took us a while to find it. 

The interior of the place reminds me so much of UK - particularly, a homey cafe down the street where I always hang out in, in Hull. 

It reminds me of the good ol' times there. 

I absolutely love the decorations , and the soft music they play at the background. 

Instead of tea, we chose filtered coffee which is good. I guess the beans must be from IKEA. IKEA coffee beans is actually not bad , but unfortunately, not many people liked them. 

Orange Flourless Seed Cake for starters - which is only at RM6.

It is not huge - but good enough for one. 

It taste alot like sponge cake, but more compact since there is no flour. It's not sweet at all! 

Tikka Shephard's Pie at RM16.90

The portion is just enough for one. I give it a 10/10 for the taste. The ingredients used are hearty. It is topped with chunky mashed potato with a layer of cheese. I love how they leave chunks inbetween the potatoes. I usually get total mashed potatoes. 

and here is the highlight,

their scones!

Their scones are baked fresh daily. They have four available flavours - plain, raisin, chocolate and oats. Depending on the flavour, it is priced at RM4-RM4.50 each. You can get a set consisting, a pair of scones with the flavour you desire and butter and cream at only RM10.90.

It is really cheap compared to other places. 

Their scones are really good. Our choices were the oats and the plain ones.

It is a MUST order.

I love how dim the place is. It's comfortable.

It was so good that I ordered another set. 

It is difficult to find good scones around town. Even hotels couldn't make scones like that. 

till then.