Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I've read too many articles and quotes about 'forgive and forget' . 
Forgiving a person when they don't even feel sorry for hurting you does makes you sleep better at night since you don't carry the hate and anger to bed. However, by doing so, you are also allowing that person or the same incident which has broke you apart to be likely to happen again. 

I am so sick of the quotes of telling people to forgive someone else that hurt them. Why do we need to pretend and accept it all when we are really in pain? That few words doesn't ease the pain. The pain was horrible. The tears were real. The trust was betrayed. And the excuses we find for someone whom tend to hurt us are just a blatant lie to ourselves. 

Why do we need to go through all the trouble to lie to ourselves when we are already hurt? 

I am not a saint, and I don't just forgive people when they are not even sorry. I refuse to find excuses for their wrongdoings to me when they don't even want to explain. I no longer want to spend a second on those who want to manipulate or lie. I lost the will of staying at the same place when I have many reasons to walk away and improve myself. I do not want to be in the same phrase where it involves too much of hypocrisy. I have no patience on people are always pointing out people's flaws rather than reflecting on their own. 

I just have no patience on people who never deserves my patience. 

This isn't a movie. We are not the main characters of the script where we are expect to be good and take all the pain until someone else come and heal it. The truth is, the only person you need to heal and forgive is yourself. 

They said that I am weird because I enjoy going to coffee shops alone. It looks like I am a loner but trust me - it is better than dealing with people's bullshits.