Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Stock Exchange Bakery

I visited Bristol during Easter and had a really good brunch at The Stock Exchange Bakery that I need to blog about. This bakery is actually famous for their bagels but somehow, it had gotten so popular that it is now a complete coffee shop. I think Bristol people are really lucky - especially after my visit to this place. 

They are located in the old Stock Exchange building in the old St Nicks area. I like how the name their bakery after the building. 

The huge windows allowing the place radiated with the warmth of natural sunlight. The original features of the building still remains however, there are some amendments of the place to accommodate what they need to have. 

Everything is freshly baked.

Look at their rainbow bagels - which I didn't try, lol.

I cannot make up my mind if my favourite pastry is Cinnamon Bun or Croissant. If they are on the shelves, I will definitely order them.

The size is really huge  however, I believe that they can do a better job at their sugar coating. 

We ordered a plate of 'everything' where we can choose five items including different types of salads, fritata, savoury tarts and even falafel.  It looks rather messy but it was good. I don't remember the exact price but it was between £5-10. 

Big Breakfast which was really huge at £15.

This is definitely a sharing portion. They were so generous that they gave half an avocado and two poached eggs. Take note of that two slices of bacon. I was never served with vine tomatoes before. I guess the Stock Exchange is very particular with the quality of food they are presenting on the table. From this, I understand where all the good reviews come from. 

portion for two.


we struggled so much to finish and in the end , we gave up -

The brunch was good but we over ordered . We always do this whenever we are hungry. I overestimate my appetite most of the time when I am starving.

When was the last time we take proper selfies, Ming?

Bristol was good and this is just a part of it - can't wait to blog share more.


The Stock Exchange Bakery
1tg, 34 St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1TG