Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carry On.

No matter how strong and tough a girl on the outside, inside her , she is still the same.That weak, that sensitive.Every girl needs a crying shoulder, somebody to depend on and rely on. It's just natural. Girls are girls. We are that weak,that vulnerable.No matter how long she put on the mask on her face,when she takes it off.She's just like any other.It's just a fact.

And when she feels this way, she always have a person to head to and to rely onto.

And normally,
they call that person , the best guy friend.

Getting somebody in your mind already?

Let's be frank.

We know that the so called 'guy best friends' , isn't just a friend. We obviously acknowledge that the feelings we have towards them is not just a 'friend'.

Perhaps you guys actually like each other and deep down inside, you know that you both have the unique feeling that couldn't be expressed out.

You both may have your own relationship but till the end of the day, the person who you are thinking of is each other.No matter how much you love your other partner, you know that your feeling towards your 'best friends' isn't decreasing. You just want to tell them everything. To share the laughter, the pain, the sorrows and everything that could be shared. It feels like, you have already found your other half to complete you, no?

But end up,
he is just a friend.

In our whole life, we hardly have so many true friends. And for girls , the special 'he' is one of them. You know that, you just only deserve to have a friendship with him more than a relationship. Not because he's not worthy and also, not because you're not worthy.
That's because,
you know that you guys are better off this way.

It doesn't even matter what kind of relationship you guys are in.

The thing that matters is,
you know that you will be there for each other no matter what.